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Fabric coverings

Vols Outdoor II
Fabric Covering - Spring summer sign

Our latest range of ambient wall and ceiling coverings are perfect accompaniments to our selection of fibre optic and natural daylighting technologies.

Designed for homes, shops, offices, restaurants, hospitals and hotels, these stunning fabrics enable you to decorate your walls and ceilings with pictures and images of your choice and then back-light them for maximum effect.

These ambient fabrics are designed to wrap around most interior architectural shapes. They can be fitted around spotlights, surround sound systems, ventilation systems and cornices.

Fabrics coverings can be used as:

  • Back-lit walls and ceilings
  • Back-lit printed suspended frames
  • Back-lit printed ceilings
  • Back-lit printed suspended light boxes
  • Acoustic printed walls (absorb up to 90% of noise for acoustic comfort)
  • Acoustic printed ceilings

Talk to us today for more information on this great range of fabrics and how they can be used in your home or venue.