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Why Fibre Optic lighting?

Fibre Optic lighting has many advantages and can be used to transform a boring backyard into a glamorous and stylish entertainment area. They are easy to use and to install, perfect for most projects and very versatile.

The advantages and benefits of using Fibre Optics lighting includes:

  • No electricity required or generated heat in the cables. This means you do not require trenches to conceal the cables. Therefore you can put the fibre optic lights outside to decorate a water feature, pool (it's submergible in water) garden etc.
  • It has the ability to light up more than 1 point from 1 light source, therefore it is an energy saver compared to conventional lighting.
  • The fibre optic cable are flexible and can be bent to suit any requirements unlike neons and fluorescents lights as they are brittle and restrict your limitations.
  • Can be made into a DIY product for certain typesof projects. For example, landscape lighting: It can be customised to the required lengths and you are able to install the product yourself. We also supply materials for star light ceilings and you are able to install it yourself, hence save money by Doing It Yourself.
  • Replace light globes from a convenient location rather than the use of ladders for high ceilings.