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Energy efficient lighting


Energy efficient lighting that harnesses the natural power of sunlight is now a reality for large scale commercial, residential and infrastructure projects.

By displacing electric lighting whenever the sun shines, natural sunlight delivery systems proactively reduce energy consumption during peak electricity hours. This results in substantial cost savings across the life of the building.

By channelling high quality daylight into deep interior spaces that would otherwise rely on costly electric lighting, natural daylighting systems are one of the most energy efficient forms of lighting currently available.

Consider the benefits:

  • Able to transmit light across long distances without accruing heat gain or loss
  • Glare-free and even distribution of sunlight
  • Ideal multi-storey solution
  • Able to capture sunlight from any side of the building
  • Improved work and lifestyle experience for building users
  • Utilises standard construction methods
  • Reduces energy consumption

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