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Natural daylighting


If you’re looking to create a brighter, healthier and more pleasant indoor environment, natural daylight delivery systems are a fantastic option.

Natural daylight delivery systems allow you to channel the beauty of natural sunlight into even the darkest corners of a multi-story building – quickly and efficiently.

Unlike traditional forms of natural lighting which can struggle in large buildings, natural sunlight delivery systems deliver glare-free, full spectrum sunlight horizontally and vertically into almost any interior environment.

Improved work and living environments

Using natural sunlight has a lot of benefits, including improved work and living environments for building users and increased property values for building owners.

Natural sunlight has also been proven to increase staff and student productivity and provide building users with an overall sense of satisfaction and wellbeing.

Cost effective

Natural daylight delivery systems are great energy savers. They displace electric lighting whenever the sun shines, which means you can actively reduce your energy consumption during peak electricity hours. This results in significant energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.

Environmentally sustainable

When you use a natural sunlight delivery system, you are tapping into a free, renewable resource that is flexible and cost efficient.

Our product range

Fibre Optic Cable Pty Ltd., is proud to stock natural sunlight delivery systems from SunCentral® and SunPortal®.