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Fibre optics

The extreme versatility of fibre optic lighting allows it to be used to great effect in virtually any application.

Over the years we’ve worked on a brilliant array of fibre optic lighting projects including:

  • Automotive, marine and aero transport lighting features
  • Outdoor decoration
  • Shop displays and point of sale fit-outs
  • Signage
  • Structural and architectural lighting
  • Theatre and stage illumination

Dry Fusion System

Up to 20% brighter with fewer maintenance calls!

FOC is the exclusive licenced supplier of Dry Fusion Technology.

The patented dry fusion system involves fusing the end fibres of fibre optic lighting together in order to make it more heat resistant and capable of transmitting a brighter light.

Unique fusion and polishing process allows the fibre optic harness to absorb up to 20% more light than glued common ends, or common ends terminated with a hot knife. This, in turn, enables the harness to release brighter light through the fibres.

Dry Fusion Systems dramatically reduce clients’ ongoing repair costs in relation to melting fibres. It also helps ensure that minimal maintenance is required for the general upkeep of fibre optic lighting.

The dry fusion harness can be fitted on site using a simple assembly process. The optical port or harness has been designed to be glue-free for assembly and provides a clean, no-mess finish when installed.