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End point fibre lighting
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Advanced lighting technologies

At FOC, we are pleased to provide Australians with the latest in natural daylight delivery systems and fibre optic lighting technologies.

We are also skilled at long term project management. We regularly work on long term projects such as hospitals and shopping centres which require us to project manage new development fit outs and retro-fits over a number of months or years.

Natural lighting

Our natural daylight delivery systems have the capacity to deliver glare-free, full spectrum sunlight into multi-story buildings without the need to significantly change the building’s design. These technologies are available now and ready to implement into any new design or retro-fit.

Fibre Optics

The versatility of our fibre optic lighting technologies are ideal for virtually any application. From point of sale displays through to architectural embellishments and ambient mood setting displays, our fibre optic lighting technologies are world class.