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Project management

Long and short term project management

Our commitment to providing exceptional project management is consistent, regardless of the scale and complexity of the project.

We have a strong reputation for short term project management, with our projects consistently being delivered on time, to brief and to budget.

We are also skilled at long term project management. We regularly work on long term projects such as hospitals and shopping centres which require us to project manage new development fit outs and retro-fits over a number of months or years.

Dedicated project managers

As part of our comprehensive project management service, we dedicate a project manager to each of our clients. This means that the person who starts the process with you will be the one who stays with you throughout the entire project. Our dedicated project managers are available on call and on site as you need them.

Integrating with your team

At FOC, we understand the importance of being able to work collaboratively with your onsite team. Wherever possible we will work directly with your team to avoid project overlaps and miscommunications.