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Innovative designs for today and tomorrow

At FOC, we create high quality products that respond to rapidly changing industry needs.

From the latest designs in natural daylight delivery systems and fibre optic lighting through to quality wiring looms and harnesses, we have the knowledge and expertise to bring client projects to completion on time and to budget.

All of our lighting and wiring designs are customised to suit the specific environmental needs of our clients. 

Lighting Design

As leaders in natural daylight delivery systems and fibre optic lighting, our innovative designs are used by a wide range of public and private facilities including hospitals, shopping centres, offices and residential housing.

Our customised lighting designs for fibre optic products work brilliantly to create ambient, atmospheric environments in venues such as restaurants, theatres and clubs.

Wiring Design

As leading manufacturers of high quality wiring systems we produce efficient and cost effective solutions for the automotive, mining and marine industries.

Depending on client needs, we can either replicate an existing harness or loom designs or create new ones from scratch. We also create cost efficient solutions for existing wiring designs and concepts.